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The Pacers quickly got the ball back after a LeBron James turnover, but James redeemed himself on the other end with one of his trademark chasedown blocks.

Huge third quarter for Cleveland — outscoring the Pacers 32-17 — gives the Cavs a 81-73 lead heading into the fourth. The last three games of the series, Cleveland had been outscored in the third quarter by a combined 24 points. Tonight, the Cavs flipped the script.

Westbrook turns and shows the official his sleeve pulled all the way down to his wrist after a drive, as Ricky Rubio drills a 3 on the other end. The Jazz are on the verge of not just eliminating the Thunder, but humiliating them, too.

Rudy Gobert picked up his fourth foul with 9:23 left in the third, opening a small window of opportunity for the Thunder to maybe close the gap. Instead, the Jazz have blown it open even wider, to 25.

In some ways, missing the playoffs might’ve been a better outcome for this Thunder team. A disaster of course, but not the complete public shaming and exposition of every issue they have like this series is.

The Browns know Myles Garrett can become a dominant pass-rusher, but they needed a solid run-stopper to complement him. Thomas at first will help at every position on the line in the rotation.

The Texans extended Andre Hal last year and added Tyrann Mathieu this year, but they needed more depth at safety after losing Marcus Gilchrist and Eddie Pleasant. Reid, brother of free-agent safety Eric Reid, is well-rounded with his coverage and run play to become a solid starter in time.

Brandon Clarke, a 6-8 transfer eligible next season, averaged 17.5 PPG at San Jose State during the 2016-17 season. Mark Few has another team that could win the national championship. You shouldn’t be surprised.

Don’t worry about junior Admiral Schofield (13.9 PPG, 40 percent from 3) entering the draft without hiring an agent. He’s the perfect candidate to go through the process and return next season more motivated.

The Lions reach a little for a free safety with size, but former Pro Bowler Glover Quinn is 32, and Walker shares many of the same traits as an active, rangy cover man.

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BALTIMORE For the Yankees, it was worth the wait.

After a mostly dry rain delay of nearly two hours, they were able to squeeze a 8-5 win over the Orioles at Camden Yards in Saturday before thunderstorms threatened to hammer the Inner Harbor.

More rain!

The Yankees may not get as lucky Sunday, with the National Weather Service forecasting potential flash floods and buckets of rain around the 1:07 p.m. start time. The teams were washed out Thursday night.

After Stanton led off the inning with a single, Gary Sanchez hit a grounder to short. Schoop took the throw to start the double play but fired it well over first base. The ball landed out of play and Sanchez was awarded second base.

Then Didi Gregorius ripped a low liner to center field. Jones went to play it off the short hop. It kicked off the wet grass, bounced off his glove and rolled behind him. Sanchez scored. Gregorius was given an RBI and a single and he advanced to second base on the error a bad call by the official scorer.

In the next at-bat, Aaron Hicks singled to center. Jones missed the cutoff man. Gregorius scored and Hicks made it to second on the throwing flub.

For all the enticing offensive toys for Eli Manning to play with, Odell Beckham Jr., Saquon Barkley and Co. cannot be expected to produce 25 to 30 points on a weekly basis. Already, it appears head coach Pat Shurmur will have to rely heavily on the ability of his defensive coordinator, James Bettcher, to out-scheme opponents and devise ways to manufacture pressure on the opposing quarterback.

It is virtually impossible to hide deficiencies at cornerback, though, and Apple was a major part of the problem after a truly nightmarish 2017 season.

There have been worse second acts, but not many. The new operating duo of Shurmur and general manager Dave Gettleman inherited quite a conundrum and, wisely, decided to wait and see rather than jettisoning Apple as a way of sending an introductory warning that there is a new Giants way of doing things.

This spring, Apple is a constant participant in the Giants’ offseason workout program. Gettleman and Shurmur have not said a whole lot about Apple, other than the broad-brush clean slate directive they assigned to players coming back from last season’s 3-13 nosedive.

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WATCH: Nate Burleson says Blake Bortles is the NFL’s most slept on QB

WATCH: Nate Burleson says Blake Bortles is the NFL’s most slept on QB More Crazy right? The national media giving the Jacksonville Jaguars, and Blake Bortles some semblance of credibility. Should we buy lottery tickets this evening? Look, we get it. The Jaguars have been one of the most underachieving franchises of the last decade. But the team has built its way back to prominence the blue collar way through the NFL draft.

The stars are aligning for big gains in bitcoin, astrologers claim, and some investors are actually following that out-of-this-world advice.

When Chicago-based investor Marcus Thomas first heard about cryptocurrency in 2017, he was skeptical. I couldn’t understand how something digital could have any value like the dollar, gold or silver, he said.

But he has since invested more than $11,000 in cryptocurrencies — in part because astrologers said it was a good idea. People who track the zodiac say the movement of the planet Uranus — which represents revolution and change — from Aries into Taurus this week is a good sign for cryptocurrencies. Thomas and starry-eyed others say they’re moving money into crypto to get in on the potential action.

Check out the video above for our thoughts on that.

That’s kind of a weird explanation, frankly. The more accurate truth is that, in the aftermath of Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf refusing to stand for the anthem more than 20 years ago, the NBA swooped in and negotiated an agreement with the NBA Players Association to make standing mandatory. End of problem. Which is precisely what the NFL should have done.

But the NFL doesn’t enjoy the kind of relationship with the NFL Players Association that would be conducive to a quick and easy win-win outcome, and the league surely didn’t want to get squeezed into making a concession to players in order to make the problem go away in August 2016. As a result, the problem lingers. As does the NFL’s reluctance to negotiate the kind of conclusive resolution that would happen if the league and the union would agree that players will stand for the anthem. All because the NFL doesn’t want to give something up to get the outcome it so desperately needs.

Evgeny Kuznetsov was on the ice for Washington Capitals practice Friday, 36 hours after leaving Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final against the Vegas Golden Knights clutching his left arm in pain.

Kuznetsov did not return to Wednesday night’s game, and coach Barry Trotz had no further update other than to say Washington’s leading scorer is day-to-day. Kuznetsov’s status for Game 3 Saturday night is still not clear.

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