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Breaking down the four favorites in the Kirk Cousins sweepstakes

The Kirk Cousins sweepstakes is a week away from hitting high gear.

Teams can officially negotiate with Cousins’ agent on Monday, and the Redskins quarterback can sign with a new team at 4 p.m. on March 14 though Cousins is expected to visit teams, so this will last beyond the opening bell of free agency.

Here is another factor to consider: taxes. Cousins built a house in Michigan in 2017, so presumably that is where he plans to live in the offseason. Michigan and Minnesota have a reciprocal agreement, according to Robert Raiola, director of the Sports & Entertainment Group at the CPA and consulting firm PKF O’Connor Davies. That means Cousins would not have to pay Minnesota tax, just Michigan. The Michigan tax rate is 4.25. If he signed with another team, he would have to pay tax in that state and Michigan. New Jersey’s tax rate is 8.97 by comparison.

The argument against: The Vikings have a lot of players to pay in the coming years because they have drafted well. Can they sustain this success for the long-term?

The argument for: John Elway is a good recruiter. He can show Cousins his three Super Bowl rings and sell him on how he built a team around Peyton Manning and now he can do it for him. Denver still has a solid defense and good wide receivers.

The argument against: Denver is going to have to make some big cuts to clear cap space. Will its roster still be a strong one when Elway is done? The Broncos’ best players are getting older. Is the window closed on this group?

There was a world-class boxer by the name of Andre Ward, who actually just retired, that our director of player development at Texas A&M, Mikado Hinson, kind of put me on him, said that I remind him a lot of him and kind of have a similar approach to what we do, Kirk said. I started reading up a lot on him and just kind of see how he approached his training and what-not. An article had came out about his recovery and liver shakes was in there. I had never heard of it before, so I thought I should probably just give it a try.

It’s not just straight liver; it has some protein, spinach, vegetables and fruit in there as well. Started drinking that a lot, especially postgame and trying to get back ready for the week. Just helped my muscles recover a lot fast and gave me a lot more energy and what-not. It became part of my recovery. That’s a big thing for me in taking care of my body.

Kirk credits his post-workout recovery, including liver shakes, with helping him never miss a game during his career at A&M.

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