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After soaring to an MVP with last season’s output, Matt Ryan has crashed back to Earth. Ryan’s passer rating has fallen by 27.8 points from last season (117.1 in 2016, 89.3 in 2017), the biggest drop-off of any qualified quarterback this season. The QB is tired of comparing last year’s offense to the 2017 version.

We have to find a way for this team to play the way that we’re capable of as a team, Ryan said, via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. We can’t worry about last year. I know that constantly gets brought up, but as players we are not thinking about last year.

The real noticeable difference comes from the scaling back of pre-snap movement Shanahan utilized, which helped get pass-catchers open. It’s evident to anyone watching the game that Falcons receivers aren’t seeing nearly the same free releases and wide-open spaces as they saw in last year’s scheme. Ryan was throwing to players galloping in green space a year ago. Now he’s trying to fit balls in tight windows and coming up short.

The run defense got gashed in Green Bay, and the offense had to overcome a couple more Drew Brees mistakes, but New Orleans still put together a strong performance in which it could run, pass, get to the QB and force turnovers. A win in Lambeau was well-timed with the rest of the division losing.

No. 5 seed — Seahawks (4-2): Second place, NFC West. Even with more mistakes against the Giants, the scoreboard indicated the Seahawks dominated, and it could have been a lot more lopsided. Russell Wilson is right there with Drew Brees as healthy, Super Bowl-winning QBs looming large in the NFC.

The central figure when the Cardinals move forward obviously is Johnson, who might still play this season when his wrist heals. How much more Fitzgerald wants to play, or to play there, at age 34, remains to be seen. Even Arians finding the perfect Palmer replacement to plug in next season doesn’t make this team an instant contender again.

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He blamed the problem on youth, but this is the oldest team in the NFL

And that window of opportunity centered on Arians, Palmer and Fitzgerald.

Arians just turned 65. He’s had health problems, but said when the season started he was fully recovered and raring to go. When a local television station reported this week he would not be back as coach next season, Arians chose to tweet out a denial.

Hearing reports I’m retiring, the tweet said. News to me. Nothing could be further from truth & 100% focused on getting back on track at SF!

If he is back, it could be to rebuild.

Palmer is eligible to return to the team three days before his 38th birthday. He’s taken brutal hits behind an offensive line riddled by injuries and subpar performances.

Although he was having a solid season, and his passing numbers are good, it’s hard to see him sticking around much longer to take that abuse, particularly after this latest injury.

Police officers across the country have felt unfairly disparaged by what took place and what is taking place in some stadiums, Kelly said. We’re upset. Some are angry; some are offended. I know that’s true for many San Jose cops, but upset feelings do not improve conditions for those of us who respond to calls for service. To the contrary, we cannot dwell on what upsets us.

Our responsibility to our communities and to our fellow officers is too great to sacrifice because of hurt feelings. We need to move the ball forward. That’s why we appreciate Mr. York and the 49ers organization recognizing the role they can play in creating a more understanding and safer America. We appreciate them for stepping forward to work directly with frontline police officers on making our communities safer and working to bring mutual respect to police and community relations. We know it’s not easy being first.

Both York and the other police representatives made a point to emphasize that they are not advocating against the Second Amendment but that their effort to ban bump stocks and other similar devices is one grounded in basic logic.

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Dolphins offensive coordinator Clyde Christensen acknowledged the difficulty of trying to assess a player’s health in a short week involving light practices, especially when that player has been absent for a period of time. And, while Parker appears to be making progress, if he were to sit out Thursday’s game, he would have 10 more days of recovery before the Dolphins’ next matchup.

The team does not have a bye week to look forward to, as it was forced to reschedule it to the opening week of the season because of Hurricane Irma. Knowing there are an additional nine straight weeks of football following this Thursday night game may tilt the scale in favor of resting a less-than-fully-healthy Parker.

Fantasy owners should be sure to check pregame inactives, as this decision is expected to be a game-time decision.

And they’re following the lead of rookie coach Sean McDermott, who spent the week reminding players how they were once discounted as motivation in preparing to host the Oakland Raiders (3-4) on Sunday.

We don’t want to be satisfied with being 4-2, Hughes said. We understand that the stakes have risen, and so does our game.

The Bills are succeeding by relying on clutch performances from all three phases, which was particularly evident in a 30-27 win over Tampa Bay last weekend.

The Tyrod Taylor-led offense scored 10 points in the final 2:28, including Stephen Hauschka’s 30-yard field goal with 14 seconds left. And the game-winning drive was set up by rookie cornerback Tre’Davious White forcing a fumble by punching the ball out of receiver Adam Humphries hands.

It marked just the third time since 2015 the Bills won by overcoming a fourth-quarter deficit, and first time they did so on their final drive.

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7 things we learned in the Titans’ 36-22 win over the Colts

The Tennessee Titans defense held in the red zone with just over two minutes remaining to force a turnover on downs. A 72-yard touchdown for Derrick Henry a few plays later secured a 36-22 win over the Indianapolis Colts on Monday Night Football.

Each is in a new place for different reasons, but like Charles, yearn to prove their old teams made a mistake. That it’s not over.

The memories in Kansas City are there, Charles said. It’s normal to lose yourself in those. But reality is it’s the past. It’s behind me. I’ve got something in front of me. I’ve got goals.

Nine Charles seasons in Kansas City and now he is gone.

Charles turns 31 in December, played at Texas, was a Chiefs third-round pick in 2008, and has been one of the NFL’s most electric players.

People of color and women increased their presence in the category of team professional administrators. The percentage of people of color in team professional administrative positions substantially increased from 22 percent in 2016 to 27.3 percent in 2017. Women in these positions also increased significantly from 33.2 percent in 2016 to 35.9 percent in 2017. This was the highest percent of women in professional administration positions since 2007.

Teams need to follow the example set by the league office, as percentages for women at the team level remain significantly below those at the league level. The NFL continues to make progress on and off the field regarding racial and gender hiring practices and I am sure that athlete activism will help even more as the NFL moves its teams to follow its example as it embraces diversity and inclusion.

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Both were off to a slow start this season.

Watt had yet to post a single sack, and Mercilus had just one. But having them on the field occupies offensive linemen and helps open things up for guys like Jadeveon Clowney and inside linebacker Benardrick McKinney.

With Watt out, the Texans are likely to shift Clowney around the formation and have him spend some time at defensive end, according to the Houston Chronicle’s Aaron Wilson. That will help fill the void left by Watt’s absence.

The Texans are also flying former Bears and Raiders outside linebacker Lamarr Houston in for a workout, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport. Houston is also visiting with the Bucs, so there’s competition for his services. But Houston played in just two games for the Bears last year, contributing four tackles and no sacks.

The residents of these affected communities don’t need a home run from us – they need a GRAND SLAM! Give now and I will work with the people and organizations in the area to ensure that we are bringing home a win. When I identify a need I will allocate your donation swiftly, ethically and honestly. Let’s do this!
His goal is a lofty 1 million dollars, and he has already raised nearly $10,000 in just a few hours.

In addition to Gomes, seven teams that call San Francisco and the North Bay area their home are coming together to donate $450,000 to ongoing fire relief efforts. As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, each team released a small statement about the fires and their donation.

That moment feels like it happened ages ago because times are different now. That win pushed those Lions to a 2-8 record, a marked improvement from the season they had the year prior, but the stakes simply aren’t the same anymore; they haven’t been any higher for Matthew the recipient of the richest contract in NFL history this past offseason or the Lions as an organization for that matter.

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I think part of it is the British love of the underdog, pondered Maybury, who reckons he must be a sucker for double punishment as a supporter of Southend United, a similarly unsuccessful third-tier English league soccer club. There’s a tradition aspect, too. The Browns are a grand old traditional franchise, like the Packers, with great fans. Who wouldn’t prefer to support a team like that rather than one of the glory sides like the Cowboys or Raiders?

Steve figures he and wife, Jane, have forked out thousands of pounds to travel to Cleveland and other NFL cities to watch the Browns in 25 games through the years.

That probably does make me sound like a sad anorak — and most of my friends would probably agree, he said with a shrug.

A 3-3 record typically would be an indication of a mediocre team that has no chance at a deep playoff run. That’s not the case for the Cowboys, who still have that chance with their defense starting to play more like it did last season. But the physical and emotional blow of having Elliott pulled from the lineup could rein in the hot play of quarterback Dak Prescott and that defense at the worse possible time.

If Elliott were to be suspended for the aforementioned six games, the Cowboys, with a brutal closing stretch against the Raiders, Seahawks and Eagles, would not be able to afford him needing to shake off any rust in his return. By then, those games might not matter as much as they should.

There is no good time lose a special talent like Elliott for so long. But if the Cowboys could have picked their spot, the stretch of six games starting in Week 9 would not have been it.

Dallas better be banking on Elliott totally avoiding his suspension in 2017. Otherwise, the Cowboys’ playoff hopes would have been much more realistic had he already served it.

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Jack Doyle and Donte Moncrief were the two that Brissett targeted most often Monday. Neither was particularly reliable.

A few weeks ago I spoke with Chuck Zodda, special teams expert at Inside the Pylon and good friend to the column, about what makes a good pro. Kicking is about three things, he said. Balance, torque, and the space between the ears.

I have never really understood what torque means though I have pretended to on several occasions when trying to discuss cars with my father-in-law but that third part is interesting. As much as kicking motion or leg strength, field goal kicking is about being able to execute a swift and precise motion, perfectly, with the world watching you. Same as a golf putt to win a tournament or nailing a free throw with the game on the line.

OK, maybe this isn’t a new thing we learned tonight, but the point was kind of driven home by the Titans coming up short five times. It’s great that Succop is so reliable, but any time you ask your kicker to make that many field goals and not one of them was from more than 50 yards, it just means your offense isn’t finishing drives.

Last year, the Titans were the best team in the NFL in red zone efficiency with touchdowns on 72 percent of drives that got inside the 20.

Maybe the Titans will return to that 2016 form as Mariota’s health improves, but for now, the team’s struggles to get in the end zone are problematic and were the reason this game was even close.

A potential touchdown pass in the first quarter bounced off the fingertips of Brissett, and Doyle had an awful night that included a fumble in the third quarter to set up the Titans with good field position.

When T.Y. Hilton is held in check like he was Monday, the other options for the Colts in the passing game are few and far between.

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